About EVO

EVO is a world class supplier to the USPS and other dedicated freight customers.  With a keen focus on safety, dedicated associates, nationwide capability, technology, and many lower emission vehicles, we strive to provide quality service, social responsibility and a great place to work.


EVO is one of the largest suppliers of ground transportation to the USPS serving 33 states and hundreds of USPS facilities.

Dedicated Freight

EVO provides dedicated lanes and operations for large corporate customers.

Logistics Broker

Leveraging EVO’s operating base, the company also assists shippers to facilitate their freight transportation needs.

EVO’s Top 5 Objectives

EVO is dedicated to the success of every driver.  Our 5 key objectives help us achieve success together. These values are driver focused and team driven.

Safety First In All We Do

Safety is not a department, it’s a way of life. Keeping our employees safe always has been and always will be our #1 priority.

On Time, Under Budget

Everything done with efficiency. Professional. On-time. Every time. It’s not a slogan, it’s what keeps us in business.

Technology Ensures Accuracy

On-Board Computers.  Route Based Payroll.  Learn the Systems.  Use the Systems.

Our Drivers, Our Equipment

Experienced and dedicated employees create higher customer service and safer operations.

Work Life Balance

Work to enrich your life, not to define your life. Overtime should be the exception, not the rule.