Company History

EVO’s operations are built upon the combination of several best-in-class USPS transportation providers. 

Thunder Ridge Transport, Ritter Transportation, Finkle Transport, Sheehy Mail Contractors and Ursa Transportation were all well-known industry leaders that joined forces to build the backbone of EVO’s operations.  Thunder Ridge and W.E. Graham were acquired in 2018, while Sheehy, Ursa, Finkle and Ritter were all acquired in 2019.  

But the history of the company started well before that.  The owners of the one of the largest heavy duty truck dealerships in Arizona also established a small chain of CNG fueling stations in strategic locations, starting in 2014.  That same year, a group of investors founded a Minneapolis-based CNG fueling station company with a focus on acquiring more environmentally responsible fuel suppliers.  A combination was made making EVO Energy Services a public company.  Then, while analyzing the potential users of CNG trucks, a significant opportunity was identified to consolidate the huge number of smaller postal transportation suppliers, where scale and the use of lower emissions fuel created a competitive advantage.

Since 2019, the company has worked tirelessly to consolidate operations, improve efficiencies and grow organically.  Today we operate as one EVO and are one of the largest providers of ground transportation to the USPS.